Friday, 29 March 2013

Google has More Efficient Resources to Build Great Location and Mapping Apps

With Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Play, and search, Google already has 5 out of 6 Most popular apps in USA. But definitely it is not enough for Google, so it has extended the Android based app Field Trip which is a big success in Android, over to iOS for both iPad and iPhone. Google has Partnered with Cool Hunting, Zagat and various other partners to provide you the most interesting, relevant and useful information about the place you are currently visiting.
Tell the app your interests and it will give you the information according to your interest. Googlerecently have partnered with various companies as content partner, it includes architecture and art magazine, Public Art Archive and Dezeen, and it also allows you adjust the app so that you can get the relevant information according to your interest and time availability. As you must have known that only quality apps are added to the Apple store and as Apple Ceo says an app developer always do his best to build the application so that an user doesn’t have to face any bugs later. This app has proved itself quite useful, if you are travelling to an unknown place you will find it very useful, it can be your travel guide.
As this app has been released for iOS after five months of its release for Android, this gap did allow a few competitors to jump into this and “Wonderous” can do almost same as Field Trip does, but it is more focussed on the particular route you might be following. But Wanderous is undoubtedlyin tough position as Google has more efficient resources to build great location and mapping apps, and to stock them with unimaginable amount of data to provide great user experience.
According to Mehran Muslimi app expert, while you are on a trip, you will have a good personal tour guide if your iPhone or iPad has the new Field Trip app. It works quietly in background and senses your current location after that it provides useful information about the place around you with pop-up notifications,the information may include the local history, best places to visit around you, best places to eat and have fun,best places for shopping, etc… in one word it can be you personal tour guide. You can call it as hyper local discovery tool. With this, a notification will not be annoying for you anymore.
It also allows you to mark and save the place you like as favorite, you can also capture your discoveries ad personal memories and share them on social networks. One interesting feature that all expert in app would like to tell you about this app is that, it can detect if you are driving and then it will automatically talk about the interesting places and experience instead of sending pop-up notifications. Google has really worked hard to make it a great alternative of a personal tour guide. Watch this video to get  complete feeling of what this app can offer you:

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