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Mehran Muslimi Advices Weight Applications users

Body Metrics Tracking
The user friendly interface on Fitness Buddy:1700+ Exercise Workout Journal is simple to make use of with search bar that brings out categories of exercise during search. The body metrics tracking of the body and graph that monitors the body progress would help a user build a workout routine that is specific and effective. And for women, the diverse repertoire of routine of exercise is perfect for them. The email responses that are quick with updates that are frequent are excellent support for the user.
Body metric tracking of the body during exercise is not present in iFitness Pro and Nike + Running iTune App.
Mehran Muslimi Secrets
With iFitness Pro, cardio and stretches are not left behind in this application with mind blowing applications that take care of food intake, workout, setup profiles and body weight tracking. The image of exercise fitness is clear with well detailed fitness applications instructions. With over 90,000 food items that have been made calorie effective, a user has nothing to worry about calorie intake. There are lots if videos and instructions that would be able to handle the complex exercise. The graph that details the users’ activities and stop watch acts as motivators that would support a trainer get that result with weight monitor or BMI calculator.
This feature is not present in Fitness Buddy:1700+ Exercise Workout Journal and Nike + Running iTune App.
Nike + Running iTune App follows the runner from treadmill to trail with the iPhone accelerometer and GPS taking record of pace, distance and time of the runner accurately. This application would help a runner tag friends and provide them with a runner’s distance, map, track and speed on Facebook as they give ear cheers as a runner begins running with the application. There are power songs that would help a runner run with energy and motivation as you make use of the application. There is opportunity to sync the iPhone and its Nike + with which would help the site in showing the maps of the runner on a screen that is bigger. It has been localized with languages from various countries which make it friendly and easy to make use of. Features like Cheer Me on and Share Run needs internet connection that would allow the App run with the user.
This features are not present in Fitness Buddy:1700+ Exercise Workout Journal and iFitness Pro
It has fine tune that can calibrate the application to the benefit of the user. The iPhone touch and iPod touch would not be able to use of GPS functionality and also making use of GPS would reduce the battery life of the iPhone.

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