Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mehran Muslimi Makes Deal with iTune App

There is no place or profession that Apple has not designed her gadgets to be relevant to applications say Mehran Muslimi. It has made provision for a lot of developers to come up with their software and applications for them to use. Apple understands the power of diversity which is why it is giving developers the opportunity to showcase their applications in its store.
However, it is only the best developed applications that are present in Apple Store. And no matter how unacceptable an application may be, it is going to be used by an Apple application. Apple Applications are numerous in our world today. Drinking coffee is normal Mehran Muslimi has confirmed. This is the reason why Apple Store has a lot of drinking coffee applications for us. If you have an iPhone, iPod and iPad, you are bombarded with so many applications that would help you stay healthy and drink healthy.
 And because humans would always want to drink good drinks, it is imperative that the recipes that are used for these drinks are known and taken note of. Apple is not a chef in the kitchen but it is a chef when it comes to making available applications that would help in talking care of drinks, where the drinks are served like the hotels and restaurants and also the recipes that would be used for these drinks.
Mehran Muslimi say this is what Apple does when it selects the best applications from developers when some of these applications are presented to the Apple for consideration and support. Apple is not failing in its duty in making sure that its store is filled with every available application on drinks, recipes and where these drinks can be served
Starbucks iTune App- This is an iTune application from Starbucks.  With this application, paying for coffee is very simple and fast from Starbucks. This application has been designed to help customers take care of the car balance that Starbucks offers to her numerous customers, cards can be reloaded and even the famous rewards programs of Starbucks can be tracked by Mehran Muslimi.
Domino App-This is a new application that has been launched into Apple Store. It is very easy for one to make use of the various Domino stores in different locations in America with this application.
Friday iTune App- This is an amazing iTune application that has made it possible for every special offers, menu of drinks and foods to be made available to a user of Friday application.

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